Week in review – September 7th, 2008

This week…
I’ll keep this short – my brain isn’t working after this longish work weekend..

News Flash
According to the New York Times, we have a new series of islands off the coast of Florida.

A new island group has been discovered

More on that island....

Odd cardinal
So our bird feeder was visited by this today – looks like a cardinal but with rather muted colouring. Not sure if it’s a male with issues or a female with extensive access to red dyes.
Cardinal having gender reassignment?

Odd cardinal

And back to our normal programming…
So it’s been a good week for cat photos. Take this one for example (you can see the original at my Flikr site) – they both like posing although for different reasons.

My creation

Leaf of the month
Tinto brought this fine specimen in for September 1st. His idea of productivity for Labour Day. The toes are not mine by the way – in case you were wondering. Mine don’t look good with red.
Leaf of the Day - September 1st 2008

So my Labour Day activity was grilling meat. Chicken and steak which I marinated overnight in beer/ginger/wasabi. That turned out pretty well
A right grilling

Tinto on Tape
Tinto’s other contribution this week was this huge piece of tape/paper that looked like a masking piece for a decorating contractor. It’s definitely his more interesting find.
Tinto on Tape

Smelling the flowers
Curiosity decided to provide a critique on my window box skills – her suggestion postcard will be in the mail shortly, I’m sure.
The great outdoors

The great outdoorsThe great outdoors

Looking for permission...

One of my favourites from a while back that I uploaded to Flikr this weekend – this one of Curiosity hunting for change in my sofa. I think her Meowmix subscription must be due.
Can you spare any change?

A year ago, we were on vacation and went to Savannah and Charleston. It was a great trip although humid and hot. Was very interesting walking around some of the historic buildings and gardens. Gail from work was there this past weekend and said it was still hot and humid. Nothing much changes on the Georgia coast in summer 🙂

Anyway, I dug out the pictures from that trip and posted the to Flikr also. All this talk of vacation has me thinking about our long overdue one at the end of this year – more plans are in progress to define what we’ll be doing when there. The GPS I mentioned the previous week arrived so I programmed the hotels and various useful waypoints in Paris, Carcassonne and Barcelona into it. Will be very useful when I’m walking around Paris – since it can use an SD card, I wonder if there’s some application that will enable geotagging of my other photos.
Savannah & Charleston, August 2007

Life is a rose garden
This week (Monday), I start a six week photography class – very much looking forward to that. I need more practice and I need to get inspired to find good pictures in near-everyday situations.

Macro rose (almost)

Book Reviews
Still reading the Spanish Civil War book. More on that when I’m done with it…

Enjoy the week!

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  1. A cardinal like that is generally a juvenile male. How’s that for fun facts from Lois 🙂They’re kind of ugly before the red comes in completely.http://www.backyardbirdcam.com/gallery/cardinal-juv-lg3.jpg

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