Oracle threaded execution

…or how I stopped worrying about process count sprawl.

So I was looking at my test server today and noticed that my new container database has a large number of processes associated with it – 180 in all.

Oracle introduced the option of threaded execution a while back and I decided to enable it here.  By default, it’s disabled in Oracle


So let’s make the change and bounce the instance.


Hmmm – what’s going on here?   Well, with threaded execution, you have to provide the username and password even if you have a password file etc….  Oracle’s documentation for threaded execution (link) clearly mentions this.


Much better now.  How about the process counts?


Also much improved, 11 instead of 180.

As I wrote this, I realised that my fellow Enkitec friend, Martin Bach had a post on this.  His is much better, so take a look here.

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